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BedSafe is a digital homeless shelter, where rough sleepers are booked into travel hostels before the cost is crowd funded.

Rado is a Freelance Web Designer with an impressive array of mostly Drupal projects. He commissioned CiviFirst to help deliver the Young Lambeth Coop solution together.

An ambitious education charity with a custom Drupal-based portal for teachers of member schools, and a heavily customised CiviCRM install.

A thriving membership organisation, the IOG approached us to get some new designs and user journeys implemented, some new features added, and some bugs fixed.

CiviFirst provided a CiviCRM upgrade, reviewed business processes, conducted an IT audit, and performed some other infrastructure work.

Prospera Network connects charities and experts. They commissioned CiviFirst to develop an extension to automatically send an email when a profile was filled out.

This responsive, valid HTML5 and CSS3 website was built in Drupal 9 with custom blocks and a custom theme derived from a WordPress theme, Parallax One.

Young Lambeth Coop is an organisation to support young people in engaging with their local services in Lambeth. YLC commissioned CiviFirst through Rado to develop their new integrated CiviCRM based solution.

A popular CiviCRM tool that corrects incorrectly typed email addresses. This tool can enhance your outreach and remove your organisation from spam lists. Provides an interface for you to add your own rules, and can be used to correct email addresses that are already in your system.

This CiviCRM extension allows you to quickly and easily identify and correct invalid phone numbers. This will help extend your outreach and save your organisation money when sending SMS messages.

Useful integration for filling data around addresses, including districts and geocodes, from Postcodes.io.

A handy inbox to read and respond to SMS Messages through CiviCRM.

After discovering this useful Drupal security module was no longer being maintained, CiviFirst set to work renovating it. A complete overhaul left it more SOLID, robust, up to date, user friendly, standards compliant, and future proofed by thorough unit tests. At the time of writing over 1100 Drupal websites have benefitted.

Remarks gives useful charts, tables, and geolocations of your blog’s comments. You will be able to see which of your posts, categories, and authors generate the most discussion, and where from.

Our Expertise

Business Process Reviews

Our consultants have many years of optimising business processes to identify bottlenecks and pinch points, increase efficiency, enhance effectiveness, and reduce risk.


CRM Project Management

Our dedicated project managers are experienced in the full end-to-end process of delivering great software, through clarifying and expressing the business case, through requirements gathering workshops, and all the way through to tendering, development, testing, and deployment - we've got you covered!


Building Great Software

If you're using CiviCRM then there's a good chance that you're already using one of our products. We use cutting edge test-driven development to write robust code to produce polished products. From data cleaning to price collecting and room booking systems, we go the extra mile to build finished products that make our clients happy and proud. But it's not just Civi - we've made extensions and themes (layouts) for Drupal and WordPress as well! Check out our portfolio for more.



As the proud performers of a lecture called "Upgrading your upgrade" we are world-class experts on how to do your upgrade quickly and safely, leaving you with a more robust and slicker product, along with great documentation.




We are


Test Driven

Well Connected

Open Source


If we can't help you we'll put you in touch with someone who can.


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Our Ethos

We believe that the same high standards, dedication, and laser-like focus on results that goes into business should go to the organisations that help our communities. We love our clients, and we deliver what's best for them so that they can progress their pro-social mission.


Our motto is simple: We do not hack. We write every document and craft every line of code with the utmost attention to detail and the meticulous high standards. We do everything with the long-term in mind. We build our systems to be ultra-maintainable, so that your systems can grow with your organisation.


Connect with us

For a no obligation discussion with one of our friendly consultants, please contact: